The purpose of Espacio (Space) was to capture, in an abstract but tangible way, a book-object capturing different concepts related to the universe.

Graphic Design, Art Direction

Space and print

With the idea of cosmos as starting point, the entire book is based on abstract forms. Playing with the shapes and the different papers and textures obtained we can physically see and touch the minimum value idea. Opening with more complex forms and simplifying the complication to the common core: the center of the own book.

The use of papers such as vegetable or acetate paper, and the different printing dies we can find find throughout the book allow us to see the evolution of forms from more to less (and back again at the end of the project). A whole. All of the book’s concepts are a reflection of time and space (we can see it, for example, in the planets or in the moon changes).

In this way we get the book itself to become an object that can be touched, experiment with the pages’ transitions and discover all the textures created using transparencies, opacities and papers.

The complete abscence of text inside the book, except for the title, is explained with this need of abstraction. Although all the shapes are related to cosmos, and we can easily see some of the concepts, the readers have to find their own meanings. They are responsible of the comprehension and experimentation.

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