Play and Build

This project was conceived as a toy and puzzle for kids an adults. The idea is a modular cube with different patterns on each side, that can be used to create letters, texts and new abstract shapes. All the sides have magnets to keep all the pieces together and be able to play with the big cube itself.

Graphic Design, Brand Identity, Art Direction


The prototype is made of wood with magnets to keep all the pieces together. The grid is used to form different patterns, where each side has been created to be interchangeable.

So it is possible to get almost an infinity number of compositions that will allow us to build letters and words. Thanks to the magnets, the cube can serve as an object itself (it is even possible to create decorative pieces with it).


The cube is meant to be used as a puzzle. Build the largest cube is the ultimate goal (not all the small pieces will fit with each other, it is necessary to find the correct position), as well as to create new objects. You can use it as magnets for the fridge, or as decoration for the rest of the house.

The limit is your imagination!

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