JK Website

Revamping the layout of an investment manager’s website design.

Context – Goals

The main objective was to implement responsiveness to improve the user experience and reading flow from devices like tablets and mobile phones.

After the initial approach and audit of the old web it was decided to give priority to how the data is presented, to focus on the information’s accessibility.

The website kept the structure and brand colours, whilst simplifying the information and making it look modern and more in line with the client’s unique approach and vision.

Web design, User interface, Prototyping, Photo edition
All the work here was created at Peregrine Communications.

The website is especially designed to adapt to all devices. The focus is to display the information in a way that all users can interact with it correctly, with no barriers caused by the screen size change.

For illustrative purposes only. Unless otherwise specified and/or credited, all images, artwork and graphics of this site, are copyright to their respective owners.