Pieces of a country

Retazos de un país (Pieces of a country) is a photographic book project. Based on the idea of visually translating a whole into its lowest terms, it explores the conceptual representation of a country – Switzerland.

Art Direction, Photography, Graphic Design, Editorial Design

The objective of this photographic book was to find a different way to show the concept I was working with, the minimum expression or lowest term, extrapolated to a bigger picture. Something as big as a country.

The photographic style is meant to be as abstract as possible, focusing on details. Shapes may be more for less ambiguous, but they symbolize and belong to something.

Picking parts from its many representations (nature, architecture, language, design, food, raw material…) we find a metaphoric portrayal of the country’s identity.

Pieces of a country gather all those fragments that, together, represent the whole.

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