An ever-growing archive of projects.

Mockup of the Fedrigoni365 calendar showing my design featuring the number 18.
Black and white illustration with the words Self-Isolation and doodles trapped inside the words
Typographic poster with the text Trust your gut
Mockup of two app screens of an online design magazine
Poster with the text Leer es el nuevo punk
Wasting beats book cover design
Cover of a comic book called Historia de una noche showing a woman doodle focused with a light
Gif showing how this game works, a big cube made of smaller cubes with different shapes that you can combine through magnets
Massimo Vignelli poster representing tube lines
Front and back of business cards for La gramola, a record store from Madrid.
Illustration with a Gondolier insde a banana resembling a gondola
Poster with lyrics from the song Television by IDLES. It reads Love Yourself. I go outside, and I feel free
Typographic poster with the text Please don't drink bleach
Doctor Who doodles, showing cybermen, the Tardis, a dalek and a Sontaran
Poster with the text Supermassive Black Hole, showing typography and abstract shapes representing planets and the black hole.
Packaging of a game called Geocube, cubic dark grey box with blue sides
Avant Garde typography poster
Chiton magazine cover editorial design
Comic illustration of a tofu character with a pleased face hot bathing in a miso soup
Illustration with a cartoon character tangled with an old telephone cable around his whole body
Poster about the song Grounds by IDLES, showing the text Do you hear that thunder? That's the sound of strength in numbers.
Poster with the text Reading is the new punk
Typographic poster with the text It's not bad kerning, it's social distancing
Front and back of a guitar pick mockup showing the logo and information of a Record store.
Illustration showing a purple doodle riding a red bike.
Save the Date banner with the text Celebrating 15 years in business
Star Wars poster showing the Millennium Falcon
Cover of a typography specimen with dark grey background, featuring two abstract g letters in red and white.
Illustration about Costa Nova, in Portugal, featuring different colourful houses
Banner about working hours during Summer, showing a pool made with the words Horario de verano and characters swimming in it
Illustration of a man riding a bike in a forest