Financial Services Website

Designing a new website for a financial services manager focused on cryptoassets.

The challenge

Our team was approached by the client to build their new website. We had already been working with them for almost a year (developing their visual identity, marketing materials and messaging), so we were familiar with their type of business and prospects they wanted to engage with. Since they are a relatively new business, the main goal was to create a platform to present their offering, amplify their brand and find prospective clients.

Their identity has a very specific imagery style, ‘Modern meets old’. The Square Mile of London, where their office is located. So all the photos and the homepage video (which I edited) follow this premise.

Web design, Wireframing, Prototyping, User experience, Video editing
All the work here was created at Peregrine Communications.

The sitemap and web flow were developed in the initial stage to help shape the website structure. It was agreed through several meetings with the client, and evolved when the sections were designed.

A great challenge of this project was to simplify the complexity of the signup process, with an extremely long form and multiple steps to gather all the necessary data the client required.

The problem was solved by splitting the Invest form in three parts, based on the information type. This way we managed to reduce the cognitive overload and make it more user-friendly.

The Contact page required to host different forms depending on the investor type, so we solved it with a simple lightbox with the different options. When you click on any of the buttons, the right form loads.

For illustrative purposes only. Unless otherwise specified and/or credited, all images, artwork and graphics of this site, are copyright to their respective owners.

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