Impact Investment Manager Website

Designing a new website for an impact investment manager focused on renewable energies.

Context – The challenge

The goal of the project was to communicate the company strategy, creating a new website based on their old one but with a new look-and-feel.

I was excited about this project because renewable energies is one of my great interests, and being able to collaborate with this type of client was a pleasure.

The style we came up emphassises the client’ commitment to renewable energies (wind and hydro). The design revolves around wind and water, the client’s main renewable energies. This allowed me to play with the web’s layout creating a lot of organic shapes for the header banners, button interactions and scrolling parallax – creating the feeling that all the elements are floating.

Web design, User experience, User interface, Prototyping
All the work here was created at Peregrine Communications.

All the imagery from the old website came from image banks, so we decided to use photos from the client and their real turbines in various locations.

The Homepage’s video shows how one of them was built.

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