Wealth Manager Identity

Redesigning a brand identity for a global wealth and investment manager.

The challenge

We were commissioned to deliver a full rebrand for an independent asset and wealth manager with offices in Europe and the United States.
As the lead designer on this project, I worked closely with the client and the Creative Director to develop their new identity and brand tone. Our Comms team worked on the messaging and content strategy.

The first phase consisted of understanding the business, how we could help them, and conducting a complete competitor analysis to understand the challenges they face as a company.

Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Logo Design
All the work here was created at Peregrine Communications.

We began the process of brand redesign following the client’s feedback in the creative brief.

A series of words were chosen to set the mood and the direction of the route to work on the first sketches of the logo. As an international firm, we wanted to highlight their robustness and ability to form an alliance with their own clients.

I explored the visual concepts of interconnection and unity, guiding the final ideas for the early explorations of the logo.

These conceptions started shaping what would be the final logomark, building an abstract form but keeping the essence of what we wanted to convey. This was paired with an all-caps customised sans-serif typography. The customisation seeks to integrate both forms together – the logotype resembles the logomark and vice versa.

The main challenge was to bring all this together with the marketing materials in a cohesive and smart way, building a brand system that could be applied to their website (which was developed after finishing with the identity), investor decks and all kinds of assets like business cards and social media banners.

We also had the pleasure of working on their landing page first, and full website later on.
You can read the full website case study here.

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