Wealth Manager Website

Designing a website for an independent wealth manager with global offices.

Context – The challenge

The main problem we encountered when we started working on this project and made the old website’s audit was that it lacked enough information about their business, it wasn’t responsive and it generally lacked a correct visual hierarchy and style.

One of the goals for the new website, built from scratch, was to emphasise the fact that they have offices in several countries and reflect how valuable their offering is.

Our Comms team worked closely with them to develop the right messaging to show it and I, as lead designer of this project, was in charge of translating this into a clear and engaging interface with a special focus on its usability.

Web Design, UI/UX Design
All the work here was created at Peregrine Communications.


I conducted a competitor analysis to understand their business needs and what the market was offering. This helped me create a more comprehensive site structure. Since I had worked a few months ago on the visual identity, I was already familiar with the market and business profile.

All of this helped streamline the process.

After completing the information architecture and signing off the content for the website, it was time to start drawing. Sketches are a crucial part of my process, since they help me put my ideas in order and visualise what I want to achieve.

Along with this I designed a basic low fidelity prototype, including a guide that shows in which section of each screen the pieces of content go. This way I could ensure the layout met the client’s expectations, was easy enough to implement by the Development team and worked across all devices (with a focus on the content responsiveness).


The basic style had already been agreed upon during the landing page project, and I had previously worked on the visual identity creation, so the style system development was easier to expand based on the requirements.

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